Configuration of IronFox

IronFox is possible to config in two ways, either by directly editing the base application config, or to create a user config file. The application config file resides in the /Applications/ and the users config file can be created in the $HOME/Library/IronSuite/IronFox.config

Here is an example config file for those interested

The syntax for both files are identitical. To configure Ironfox, key value-pairs are added to the config file were key=on or key=off. The following options are supported:

Specifies the directory that ironfox may use as a download directory. This is set to ~/Downloads by default. Be carefull when setting this is as ironfox will refuse to start if it is set incorrectly. Also note that this parameter may allow you to shoot yourself in the foot by specifyin a directory such as your homedirectory, granting FULL access to it.

Same as with download, except that writing is not permitted.

Turns Shockwave flash on or off. Required for youtube and almost all video online. Known for its many security issues.

Allows the browser to preform SPNEGO/KERBEROS authentication against servers who require spnego authentication. Note that about:config parameters needs to be properly tuned for firefox to care about spnego.

Enables drag and drop to all directories and files where ironfox may read or write (depending on if the object is dropped in ironfox or from). Be carefull about trying to drag and drop stuff that IronFox won't read, such as the desktop, as it will generate about 500 logentries per second.

Turns on debugging and allows the firefox crash handler to launch, which is still heavy restricted. Allows writes to the firefox crash area. Note that turning this on is very beneficial for debugging, but it increases the amount of log entries in /var/log/system.log alot.

Allows for reading of the users own font files. Note that this can cause privacy issues as unique fonts may make it easier for third parties to identify the user. This translates to allowing ironfox to read the ~/Library/Fonts directory

Allows access to the metadata server, which apparently is required for some users to avoid crashes of firefox. If you are one of these users, please turn this on and send us a copy of your "about:plugins" page.

Allows for users with custom color correction profiles to read them. This translates to allowing ironfox to read the ~/Library/ColorSync directory.

Allows ironfox to read the snag-it webplugin. This is currently not working as well as it should

Allows ironfox to read the 1password webplugin. This is currently not working as well as it should

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