Status of alexa top 100 swedish sites regarding SSL/TLS

These lists were compiled on 2011-01-25 to 2011-02-02, with an updated run in the end of november 2011, from various sources (see each list). HTTPS (herein referred to as SSL/TLS) is a basic requirement for privacy when surfing the web as it prevents third parties such as FRA and your ISP from eavesdropping on your communication. It does still allow for a third party to see WHOM you are talking to, but not the contents. If we think about it, that is a big difference

Reasons that YOU might want to use SSL/TLS when browsing perfectly normal sites:

An eavesdropper could by watching your behaviour on:

Currently, the following lists are available

Don't take our word for it. read more:

If there's one point that we want to communicate to the world, it's that SSL/TLS is not computationally expensive any more. Ten years ago it might have been true, but it's just not the case any more. You too can afford to enable HTTPS for your users. -- Adam Langley of Google