IronAdium is a sandboxed version of the popuplar IM client for MacOSX, or to be more correct, a perl wrapper for Adium. It currenlty suppors Adium 1.4.1 and MacOSX 10.6. Backports to 10.5 are possible should enough interest occur. The program supplies a config files to allow users to more finely control the sandbox. The config file should be placed in ~/Library/IronSuite/IronAdium.config. An IronAdium example configuration file can be found here.

IronAdium was created for inhouse needs, but as we believe that it can be useful for others as well, we have decided to release it under a BSD-license.

Currently, the sandbox includes support for the following IM protocols:

Also, The following options can be controlled to enforce Adium to behave as expected:

Please use HTTPS for downloads!


Please verify the integrity of the package with the PGP signature: IronAdium-0.4.4.dmg.asc

IronAdium 0.4.4 was released on 2012-01-11. New features are

$ shasum -a 512 IronAdium-0.4.4.dmg 
f6df3dcb31ece8dcc3a51caa577512827ecb8d76175cced0689eeae894aee8e90157644c5f84b85be490e23f9ee04efab4dc5a1b5fd0d40957a3083750f6ac1c  IronAdium-0.4.4.dmg


IronAdium 0.4.2 (codename onnellinen mies) was released on 2011-03-09. New features are

$ shasum -a 512 IronAdium-0.4.2.dmg 
8596852cfe51656d4864c4a677d0e3a2bd75395a86ede4544d403380698125dbe0148596c4dc026148b889381978fa8e09d4adedc50a2dfea2408aa3da05c8e2  IronAdium-0.4.2.dmg


IronAdium 0.4.1 (codename terva snapsi) was released on 2011-03-07 and fixes a crash on menu context

shasum -a 512 IronAdium-0.4.1.dmg 
aaa1d339643e84ca2cdcddbf8994851e64c589391a35cb7feea226938de587bd523058ab83985cdd60a075e5df447ff4d25cba374ba2cf6d9ddb3d0177e83251  IronAdium-0.4.1.dmg


IronAdium 0.4 (codename Jussi) was released on 2011-03-07 and fixes quite a few bugs. New features are

$ shasum -a 512 IronAdium-0.4.dmg
2a22d6f68d706627570a5ebd80b9ade3271cfb480bb1a1f5315962c13b9dc4cfd9ff2bb2e69fa32c910cef7fff2c46d19c3b19582b734c51935f6f371656b5c4  IronAdium-0.4.dmg


Som new functions, like chat transcription logs etc.

$ shasum -a 512 IronAdium-0.3.1.dmg
e06c6ca8743bdfe1ad1d5839c22e185314319a80e8d7757605c49c2f51c2821ef68fabc14086c613c11c6218c66db205da79ab6f1eae291f0405919d86cf5416  IronAdium-0.3.1.dmg

The first release of IronAdium is out the door! It is a wrapper for Adium 1.3. Check out IronAdium version 0.2. GPG signature file is here The checksum for the distributed file should be:

$ shasum -a 512 ironadium-0.2.tar.gz 59ca53b04ea755829db2e7dfdb1aa1b659adb174a106d619da8cfb9ff804528ca5d3cc5bd7730f0e69c83d9c0d45b2eb81ee25bd38231a706f1713246c363393 ironadium-0.2.tar.gz


IronAdium version 0.1 (codename 0ct0b3rf3st)

The checksum for the distributed file should be shasum -a 512 ironadium-0.1.tgz 99b8823913648c627e45333ae9395f08dd3043de6f67c4040bcb40ee09283a7393349610e870ad209a2ac77b4bfeb191bc8e604d2355fb5c2895934dc6eea3fa ironadium-0.1.tgz