IronBird is a sandboxed thunderbird, much like IronFox and IronAdium. The policy works much like the policies for the other ironsuite application in the sense that it allows users to configure the sandbox wrapper to behave in fashion that works for them. See example confiuration here. IronBird was created for inhouse need, but as others may find it useful, we have decided to release it under a BSD license.

Note that IronBird only works with MacOSX 10.6 and is only tested with Thunderbird 3.1.9. This is also the first public release of IronBird and as such have not recieved the extensive testing of other ironsuite software. Please report any bugs to

Please use HTTPS for downloads!


Initial public release. Released on 2011-03-11

$ shasum -a 512 IronBird-0.2.dmg 
aa45f5eacc957d445c0b5704105d75bfe6a38e386f62853dd909eed41894107d1a47a93db1b1e001473ff55e5d13812e57a361f56df885422c35d26806d38f29  IronBird-0.2.dmg