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Robert Malmgren AB

“Trust is good, control is better.”

Pictures / Photos

Below are a number of photographs relating to cryptography and cryptanalysis. The majority of photographs were taken at The National Cryptologic Museum, Fort Meade G, USA. The images may be used for non-commercial use.

Crypto Machines and related images

Rosetta Stone
These images were taken at the British Museum in London, UK.
The Rosetta Stone. JPEG, 605x1056
The Rosetta Stone. JPEG, 1053x676

German cipher machines

These images were taken at the National Cryptologic Museum, Fort G. Meade, USA.
En geheim schreiber, aka g-schreiber, aka sturgeon. JPEG, 1048x1540.

Enigma machine
Enigma, front.JPEG, 709x1101
Four former war time Enigma, front. JPEG, 1090x746.
Three Enigma machine during the war, the front. JPEG, 1090x746

Japanese cipher machines

Jade, front. JPEG, 1048x560.

American crypto machines

Jefferson, aka cylindrical cipher. JPEG, 1204x708
M-209, aka CSP-1500, front. JPEG, 642x584


A Bombe electro-mechanical computer. Use to crack Enigma. JPEG, 1019x747
A Cray 1 supercomputer. JPEG, 747x1043.
CM5 frostburg. JPEG, 1090x746.